Donald Trump Typical Rich arrogant bastard

I am amazed that in this day and age there still exists narrow minded people like Trump. I am more shocked to learn that there are some people that agree with him on his harsh and uneducated remarks toward Mexican people. A man of his stature and accomplishments should know better. Its a shame that he doesnt understand the real problem of illegal immigration. The real problem that has plagued this country for centuries and still exist. Countless men have died because of this disease and numerous wars have been waged. I am talking about stereotyping, generalising and racism.

You can build walls bigger than the Great wall of China. You can put a thousand Men with automatic guns and tank. You can make a thousand laws prohibiting entry into this country. But the reality is you can never tell a man where to be. We are all born free and like every animal we have the desire to travel where there is plenty to eat and the fruits are ripe.Amen.


Terminator Genisys Movie – Trailer Tease. Full version leaked online?

A short teaser for the upcoming Terminator franchise has just hit the web. Will Arnold Schwarzenegger be able to deliver and redeem his acting career? Only time will tell.However there are rumors that a leaked full version of the movie has already hit the web/torrent sites.A full teaser/trailer will hit online tomorrow.None the less the teaser looks fantastic .Check it out here.